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LUXGEN, the New Intelligent Executive Models from Taiwan

23 July 2012

Taiwan’s IT industry has been highly acknowledged around the world, and LUXGEN, the first automobile brand from Taiwan, aspires to capitalize on that strength as an automaker and promote a Taiwanese auto brand on the global scale. LUXGEN successfully integrates TaiwanТs R&D strength between information technology and automotive knowledge. The LUXGEN brand was established by the Yulon Group to merge TaiwanТs highly advanced auto and information technology industries for creating a new generation of premium, forward thinking, and environmentally sustainable intelligent vehicles.

LUXGEN models are completely developed and designed by LUXGEN with the support from its R&D partners around the world. “Genius X Green X Luxury” its core branding message, is what differentiates LUXGEN in the global market. As the brand spirit is to УThink AheadФ for the consumers, LUXGEN vehicles are programmed with smart technology designed by Taiwanese mobile manufactory HTC. All LUXGEN vehicles feature a state-of-the-art onboard computer system named УThink +.Ф Participating in Moscow International Automobile SalonТ2012, LUXGEN presents its strong smart car strength and car design capability to the customers and all the car fans are welcomed to experience the cutting-edge portfolio of LUXGEN models!

Yulon GroupТs automobile manufacturing operation began in 1953, with business operation includes automobile, textile, IT, high tech manufacturing and related R&D, and the entity has grown steadily over the years to become TaiwanТs largest automobile manufacturer.

The star models of LUXGEN at MIAS will be LUXGEN7 SUV and LUXGEN5 Sedan demonstrating the all new executive options from the future. Showing strong determination to devote into the market, the LUXGEN representative unit in Russia will officially be established in Q3, 2012 with the strong support from LUXGEN Motor. A professional management team led by the representatives of Taiwan headquarters and Russian automotive professionals will both join the crew of operation. It is the first overseas subsidiary unit of LUXGEN, and the brand is well prepared to offer the УThink AheadФ services to the market.



WhatТs more, one of the star models presented at MIAS, LUXGEN7 SUV, will start its sale in Q1 next year, and Russian customers can also benefit from a more completed product range from the leading smart car automotive brand LUXGEN in the near future.

For further information please contact one of the following:

Lingchih Tseng on +886-2-2795-2818 ext.113

Or by e-mail at†

Zoe Jin on +886-2-2795-2818 ext.104

Or by e-mail at†

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