Expertise and innovations in road safety

12 August 2014

From 29 August to 7 September the Crocus Expo International Exhibition Centre will host the leading car event of the year – the Moscow International Automobile Salon (MAS). MAS will be Russia’s main platform for demonstrating the latest innovations in the car industry both nationally and internationally. Russian, European and world leaders are expected to visit the Automobile Salon.

This year, the Moscow International Automobile Salon will focus particularly on the issue of road safety. On 28 August at 15.00 Road Safety Russia, together with the Russian Department of Road Traffic Safety and the Russian Association of Motor Insurers (RAMI), will hold a round table on ‘Expertise and innovations in road safety’. Representatives of car manufacturers, public bodies and institutions, experts and civil society have been invited. The main aim of the event is to develop a dialogue between business and government, to call for social responsibility among car industry representatives.

According to data from the Russian Department of Road Traffic Safety, in the last six months alone 10,835 people were killed in road accidents. The main causes of accidents on the road were driving into oncoming traffic, exceeding the speed limit, failure to obey traffic lights, failure to comply with the rules at junctions and failure to obey the rules on overtaking. Drivers bear direct responsibility for most accidents – in over 80% of road traffic accidents it is the driver who is at fault.

Car manufacturers, as they refine their cars, making them more powerful and faster, are encouraging people to buy vehicles with maximum speeds which are higher than those permitted in any city in the world. Meanwhile, in Russia, exceeding the speed limit ranks second of all the reasons for road traffic accident fatalities. At the round table experts from Road Safety Russia hope to get the message across to car manufacturers that it is not enough to concentrate solely on upgrading technical safety systems for drivers, passengers and pedestrians, it’s really important that they remember the social element as well.

Information will be presented about successful social marketing projects which have been used in road safety programmes.

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