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Mr. An Syanlin, Deputy General Director of Changan International Corporation about their intentions

5 September 2016

Changan Company at the Moscow International Automobile Salon introduced the first compact crossover CS35, assembled at the production facilities in Lipetsk Region. Changan plant, which is located in the Lipetsk region, will work on the principle of SKD. At present, the company assembles only compact crossovers CS35, but eventually the company plans to expand the model range. According to the plans of Changan, the localization level at the plant in the Lipetsk region must reach the level of 50% within the next 4-5 years. CS35 Series production will start in September of 2016, according to Changan Motors Rus press service.

According to Deputy General Director of Changan International Corporation Mr. An Syanlin, the Russian company's project started in 2015 with the support of the group of companies "Irito" and the administration of the Lipetsk region. "Currently, the company operates successfully and in the fourth quarter of this year CS35, assembled in Russia, will be on sale at dealerships of Changan centers in Russia. It will be vehicles of 2016 model year".

Another novelty Changan in the SUV segment in the Moscow Autosalon became CS75 crossover, which is not delivered to Russia. This model was already shown in the previous Moscow International Automobile Salon in 2014, but only in front-wheel drive configuration. In the same year, all-wheel drive version of the CS75 was demonstrated.

During the MIAS-2016 Changan also introduced two sedans: Raeton, business-class sedan and the car Alsvin V7 that has never been exhibited in Russia.

As noted in Changan, by 2020 the company plans to expand its model range, presented in Russia and to increase its share in the Russian market up to 5%. As previously reported "AUTOSTAT", currently there are sold three models Changan in Russia: business sedan Raeton, the B-Class sedan Eado, and CS35 crossover, which is the most popular model in Russia.


12 July 2018
Let’s look into future at Mobilistic’18

The Europe’s first festival on mobility and logistics Mobilistic’1 will be held within the frames of the Moscow International Automobile Salon in Crocus Expo. The future of transport and logistics will be presented at the festival.

10 July 2018
Мass media accreditation has started!

The online accreditation for mass media to the Moscow Autosalon in Crocus Expo has started.

03 July 2018
Five premieres from KIA Motors

Guests of the Moscow Autosalon – car experts and motor enthusiasts – will have an opportunity to get acquainted with the most popular and advanced KIA cars before their appearance on the country’s highways.

29 June 2018
New generation of KIA Ceed hatchback

KIA Motors will present at the Moscow Autosalon a new generation of Ceed hatchback.

26 June 2018
The first teaser of the World Premiere from Renault Group at the Moscow International Autosalon 2018

An absolutely new global model of C-segment crossover from one of the leading world car makers will be unveiled in Crocus Expo!