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Running dates of the Moscow International Automobile Salon 2018 are confirmed

28 March 2017

Press conferences of the Organisation Internationale des Constructeurs d’Automobiles (OICA), the oldest noncommercial association in the branch (in 2019 OICA will celebrate its centenary) accredited at the UN in the status of the official representative of the global automotive industry, are held many years in a row – and 2017 didn't become an exception – within the frames of the Geneva motor show.

Issues related to the importance of free trade for the international automobile industry, role of alternative propulsion systems and their contribution to CO2 reduction – balance between environmental and industrial policy, traffic safety improvement through “digitization”, and, of course, urgent tendencies of world and regional automobile markets development, were covered at the press conference.

Matthias Wissmann, OICA President, the acting Head of the German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA) and the former Minister of Transport of Germany, noted growth of the world automobile market by 4,5% (90 million motor vehicles) and car sales by 4,7% (up to 93,9 million motor vehicles) in 2016.

The calendar of the international industry shows supported by OICA was considered at the meeting of the OICA exhibition committee March 7. The running dates of the Moscow International Automobile Salon were confirmed during the meeting – MIAS 2018 will be traditionally accommodated in Crocus Expo August 29 to September 9, 2018*!

Pyotr Tutarashvili, MIAS Director, told that after a number of consultations held with the leading players of the branch the organizers enlisted a certain support and they see serious interest of automobile producers to participation in the Autosalon 2018 and that allows us to look forward and work with optimism.

* MIAS 2018 will be open for general public admittance from August 31.


12 July 2018
Let’s look into future at Mobilistic’18

The Europe’s first festival on mobility and logistics Mobilistic’1 will be held within the frames of the Moscow International Automobile Salon in Crocus Expo. The future of transport and logistics will be presented at the festival.

10 July 2018
Мass media accreditation has started!

The online accreditation for mass media to the Moscow Autosalon in Crocus Expo has started.

03 July 2018
Five premieres from KIA Motors

Guests of the Moscow Autosalon – car experts and motor enthusiasts – will have an opportunity to get acquainted with the most popular and advanced KIA cars before their appearance on the country’s highways.

29 June 2018
New generation of KIA Ceed hatchback

KIA Motors will present at the Moscow Autosalon a new generation of Ceed hatchback.

26 June 2018
The first teaser of the World Premiere from Renault Group at the Moscow International Autosalon 2018

An absolutely new global model of C-segment crossover from one of the leading world car makers will be unveiled in Crocus Expo!