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LIFAN has introduced to the Russian market a new version of smart crossover

6 August 2018

Lifan Motors started sales of the seven-seat LIFAN MYWAY crossover with five-speed automatic transmission in May 2018. Prior to that, the LIFAN MYWAY crossover was presented in the Russian Federation, which included a five-speed manual transmission. Under the hood of the Russian MYVIEW set a single gasoline engine working volume of 1.8 l and 125 HP, which he develops closer to 6,000 rpm a Maximum torque of 162 N. m available in a range of 4200-4400 rpm.

The SUV pleasantly surprises by the sound insulation. In the salon penetrates very little extraneous sounds. This is mainly the sound of the engine during heavy acceleration. Even at high speed you can talk with a passenger without raising his voice.

The salon space is really a lot. The front will easily accommodate people of any weight. The driver’s seat can be adjusted for height and steering — tilt. Rear sofa consists of two parts, divided in the ratio 40:60. Each of them can move in the longitudinal direction in a sufficiently wide range.
Sales of LIFAN MYWAY started in the autumn last year. The car could be notable i
f you are on the lookout for a family crossover. The car has already proved as a fine family crossover at the same time being reliable and practical.
LIFAN MYWAY is the unique car with optimum balance of style, comfort, reliability and spaciousness. Balance between SUV and MPV makes LIFAN MYWAY a genially smart crossover. 

LIFAN MYWAY appears to be itching for an entertaining family summer road trip. The whole family can be seated in the SUV. The two rear seat rows can be folded thus making the trunk even more spacious.


06 August 2018
LIFAN has introduced to the Russian market a new version of smart crossover

LIFAN MYWAY is available nowadays in the Russian market.

12 July 2018
Let’s look into future at Mobilistic’18

The Europe’s first festival on mobility and logistics Mobilistic’1 will be held within the frames of the Moscow International Automobile Salon in Crocus Expo. The future of transport and logistics will be presented at the festival.

10 July 2018
Мass media accreditation has started!

The online accreditation for mass media to the Moscow Autosalon in Crocus Expo has started.

03 July 2018
Five premieres from KIA Motors

Guests of the Moscow Autosalon – car experts and motor enthusiasts – will have an opportunity to get acquainted with the most popular and advanced KIA cars before their appearance on the country’s highways.

29 June 2018
New generation of KIA Ceed hatchback

KIA Motors will present at the Moscow Autosalon a new generation of Ceed hatchback.