News about Moscow International Automobile Salon

01 September 2006 16:57:15
Press Conference and MIAS-2006 Opening Ceremony

Day Two of the Moscow International Automobile Salon-2006

31 August 2006 15:43:49
Opening of MIAS-2006!

Moscow International Automobile Salon-2006 has been opened!

07 August 2006 16:02:53
Entry fee to the Autosalon-2006

Dear Visitors! On our website in the section For attendees/Catalogue/Invitation fee section you can find information regarding entry fee to the Moscow International Automobile Salon-2006 Show.

18 July 2006 15:34:29
A new УtransportФ message!

Within the period from 30 August to 10 September an additional transport service will be arranged for the Moscow International Automobile Salon 2006 exhibition participants from KRYLATSKOYE metro station.

18 July 2006 15:32:26
Accreditation of press

Ladies and gentelmen!Accreditation of press for working at the Moscow International Automobile Salon 2006 has started. On our website in УThe PressФ section you can fill up the registration form and familiarize with the УProvision on the mass media representative accreditation at those arrangements which take place at the Crocus Expo International Exhibition CenterФ. For more detailed information please call: +7 (495) 727-26-39.

22 February 2006 17:29:13
International Automobile Salon 2006 gets the support of OICA

International Automobile Salon 2006, which will take place in IEC УCrocus ExpoФ from August 30 to September 10, got an official support of the International organization of auto-manufacturers OICA (Organisation Internationale des Constructeurs d"Automobiles)!

05 September 2005 10:43:20
Program of test-drives

Program of test-drives on 5 September.

05 September 2005 10:42:07

On 4 September the program of "Interauto 2005" exhibition test-drives included test-drives of Derways company, Ford Motor Company and Taganrog automobile factory "TAGaz".

05 September 2005 10:41:21
Championship "EMMA-Russia"

On 4 September during the "Interauto 2005" exhibition ended the Final of Russian auto-sound and tuning Championship "EMMA-Russia".

04 September 2005 15:53:33
УInterautoФ exhibition visiting

On 4th September, to 15:00, the exhibition was visited by more then 48 000 people.

04 September 2005 15:52:32
CitroЄn C6. Presentation

On 4 September, at 14:00, in the hall No 4 of IEC УCrocus ExpoФ took place a presentation of a new model of CitroЄn Ц CitroЄn C6 automobile.

03 September 2005 16:55:00
УInterauto 2005Ф exhibition news

In the second day of УInterauto 2005Ф work, the exhibition was visited by more then 60 000 people.

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