News about Moscow International Automobile Salon

03 September 2005 16:53:26
The welcome word of the State Duma RF Chairman B. W. Grizlov

The welcome word of the State Duma RF Chairman B.W. Grizlov to the organizers, participants and guests of the First international automobile exhibition УInterauto 2005Ф.

03 September 2005 16:51:03
Photo from the УInterauto 2005Ф exhibition

Photo from the УInterauto 2005Ф exhibition.

02 September 2005 16:20:01
Opening of the automobile exhibition УInterauto 2005Ф

On the 2 September in IEC УCrocus ExpoФ opened up an exhibition УInterautoФ, one of the most interesting proper projects of the exhibition center!

02 September 2005 16:18:58
Press-conference УInterauto 2005Ф

On 2 September at 11:00 took place a press-conference, dedicated to the opening of the automobile exhibition УInterautoФ.

05 July 2005 12:10:21
"≈ћћј-Russia" Final on the "Interauto" exhibition

During the "Interauto" exhibition (2-4 September) there will be held a final of the Russian Championship of auto sound sport Ц "EMMA-Russia".

15 June 2005 11:08:27
Announcement of the "Za Rulem" journal prize awarding during the "Interauto" exhibition

Main news of the day! During the exhibition "Interauto" there will be a presentation ceremony of the "Za Rulem" journal Gran-pris prize, which is the most prestigious prize in Russia in the automobile industry.

15 June 2005 11:04:23
"Pneumatic sculptures show"

"Pneumatic sculptures show" on "Interauto"! Site link:

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